About Us

We are a London based training center that provides training schemes within the private and public sector. We aim to reflect on the diversity of the UK and make our services widely accessible.

ABIS Resources. Why Choose Us?

At Abis Resources we believe our learning facilities are second-to-none. We have taken the utmost care of providing facilities like:

  • Our courses are tailored as per your needs
  • Our staff members are qualified and experienced
  • We offer support and guidance to help you succeed
  • Our courses are flexible and allow you to work while gaining a qualification
  • We provide a wide range of qualifications to enhance your skills.


  • Well equipped training rooms
  • Latest computer hardware and software
  • wireless networking and well-integrated intranet (wi-fi zone with high-speed)
  • Disabled toilet
  • Library and Reading Room

Abis Resources is an institution established in the UK to promote training and lifelong learning in order to encourage individuals to ultimately go into employment with the right skills we are located in the East London area, which is going through growth & development phase. We aim to offer exceptional quality of education to all our learners, by providing a learning experience that encourages learners of all abilities for career and personal development. We are committed to develop the community through training and employment opportunities.

“Our aim is to create opportunities for you to achieve your personal, educational and employment goals”

Abis Resources is a training provider that manages a wide range of work-based publicly funded learning. Abis Resources was rated as GOOD by Ofsted and we are constantly striving for continuous growth in serving our customers with emphasis on high quality of training and education.

We have worked with learners from different ethnic backgrounds to promote equality and diversity with a 100% success rate. It is our challenge and our pleasure to witness our learners from all backgrounds achieving their training goals and taking their knowledge and talents into the workplace to the huge benefit of themselves and their employers. We reached a favourable outcome of more than 500 learners and expecting to further our success rate over the coming years. We work to deliver a high standard of academic conduct and professional relationship with our learners through our team of qualified and experienced member of staff.

Top Courses

Apprenticeships / 95%
Adult Social Care / 80%
Business and Administration / 85%

Let ABIS help you with your new career move. At ABIS Resources we understand a career change can be an exciting yet scary, involving a lot of preparation! ABIS can work with you to ensure you are on the right course for your new career change, guide you with making career choices and assist you, once qualified, with career opportunities through our Teach and Assess Career Service. Ready to begin the career of your dreams?