Intro to Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes for both new and existing employees. They lead to nationally recognised qualifications designed around the needs of employers.

Apprenticeships are a proven way to train your workforce cost-effectively. It can make your organisation more effective, productive and competitive, designed to meet the challenges of a changing economy.

An Apprenticeship framework usually consists of:

• A knowledge qualification that will teach you the underlying knowledge and theory needed to perform your job effectively.
• A competence-based qualification that allows you to show that you can perform certain skills needed in your job. This qualification requires assessment in the workplace.
• Functional Skills of English, Maths, and IT will ensure that you have the transferrable skills that all employers value.

There are 2 attainable levels :

• The Apprenticeship (level 2)
• The Advanced Apprenticeship (level 3)

Training and assessment are carried out both in the workplace and at our centre unless expressed otherwise.

There is no set time to complete an Apprenticeship. It will depend on the subject area, abilities of apprentices and the employer’s requirements. Usually, Apprenticeships can take between one and three years to complete. The content of each Apprenticeship comprises a competency-based element, a knowledge-based element, functional skills, Employment Rights and Responsibilities and Personal Learning and thinking skills.

Apprenticeship (Level 2) :

You will study for a qualification at Level 2 in your chosen specialist area and gain a Functional Skills qualification. An Apprenticeship usually takes one year to complete. On completion, there may be an opportunity to progress onto an Advanced Apprenticeship. That is equivalent to five GCSEs at Grades A*-C.

Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3) :

You will work towards a qualification at Level 3 and will aim for a technical, supervisory or junior management role. You’ll also work to a higher level of Functional Skills qualification. The training usually lasts two to three years. For some, an Advanced Apprenticeship is a stepping stone to university-level studies. That is equivalent to two or more A-Levels or a BTEC National Diploma.

Residency criteria apply. All Apprentices should be British/EU citizens or indefinite visa holders.

For other visa holders, please seek advice from ABIS Resources Office.

• Apprentice must be 16 years of age or more.
• Applicants should not be in fulltime education.
• Those who have level 4 or higher qualifications are not eligible.
• All new starts on an Apprenticeship must already be employed or start employment on the first day on which they start their Apprenticeship.
• The employment must relate to the Apprenticeship framework being followed.
• Employment must be for 30 hours per week or more. Apprentices with an irregular working pattern should be viewed using a four week average.

For Apprentices

• The apprentice gets an opportunity to work and gain a qualification in an area which they will enjoy.
• Apprentices get to work along with experienced staff and learn practical skills.
• Apprentices gain knowledge through classroom-based teaching.
• Like other employees, apprentices will be given at least 20 days paid holiday per year as well as bank holidays.
• There is no cost to Apprenticeships for those aged 16-18 years, it fully funded by Government. Apprentices aged 19 or over the course is partly funded, with employers expected to contribute to the cost of training.
• Apprentices will have a designated mentor who will support them throughout the process.

For Employers

• Apprenticeships are an excellent and cost-effective way to invest in an organisation’s future as the staff will be equipped with the practical skills and qualifications they need to help business’ for future demands.
• The government funds staff training for your business.
• It will strengthen the employees’ commitment and loyalty to the organisation as the employer invests in the apprentice.
• It will help to improved productivity.
• It will reduce staff turnover.
• You will have a highly motivated and skilled workforce.

Abis Resources is a training provider that manages a wide range of work-based, publicly funded learning. Ofsted rated Abis Resources as ‘GOOD’, and we are constantly striving for continuous growth in serving our customers with emphasis on top quality training and education.

We work with learners from different ethnic, socio-economic backgrounds and disabilities to promote equality and diversity within the education sector. It is our pleasure to witness our learners from all backgrounds achieving their training goals. Our goal is to have all of our learners take the knowledge and their talents into the workplace to benefit themselves and their employers. We reached a favourable outcome of more than 500 learners and expecting to further our success rate over the coming years. We work to deliver a high standard of academic conduct and professional relationship with our learners through our team of qualified and experienced staff members.

Abis Resources operates a policy of continuous improvement and constantly strives to be even better to serve you to be at your best – to help you direct towards your chosen academic achievement in the future. Whether you are returning to learning, pursuing a passion, or wanting to achieve qualifications for personal or professional development, let your learning journey begin with us.

Abis Resources offers Apprenticeship programmes which are now the most favoured route for funded training.