Level 3 Diploma in Management

Brief Information
The Level 3 Diploma in Management is for learners who work in or who wants to work in management roles such as Section Manager, First Line Manager, Assistant Manager, Trainee Manager, Senior Supervisor and Junior Non-Commissioned Officer.

Entry Requirement Level 1 English
Learners do not need any prior qualifications, knowledge or experience before starting the qualification, however they may be seeking work within the business and professional management sector.

Duration of the Course and Delivery
A minimum of 55 credits: 31 credits from the mandatory units and a minimum of 24 credits from optional unit groups. A minimum of 41 credits must be achieved through the completion of units at Level 3 or above.

What you will be taught
Manage personal and professional development, Manage team performance, Principles of leadership and management, Principles of people management, Principles of Business.

Fees This course fee is £1500.

Learners who achieve level 3 Diploma in Management can progress to the Higher Apprenticeship in Management, which consists of the following qualifications: Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Management and Level 4 Diploma in Management .

24+ Advanced Learning loans Info

Advanced learning loans is available for this course from 24+ . Loan is payable when you start earning £21,000 or more per year however if you don’t earn that much you never pay it back paying back period won’t start until April 2016, eligibility criteria applies for advanced learning loans.