Stocks, Shares and Investments Training Course

For those who are interested in learning about stocks and shares trading.

Are you interested in learning about stocks and shares trading?

Are you interested in learning the disciplines and strategies to successfully trade.

We sincerely believe that anyone can learn to be an efficient and profitable Trader on the Stock Market. Our course will teach you how to become a highly skilled and competent trader.

This is a no-nonsense course that takes a comprehensive look at the F.T.S.E, gilts, bonds, unit trusts, share options/futures, reading company reports, market influences, how markets work, nature and types of investment opportunities, understanding investment jargon, gathering and analysing market information, how to buy and sell stocks, shares and other securities.

Scheduled Course Dates and Prices
Duration:Evening Course
Course Price: £500
Part-funded offer: £250
Time: 5 pm to 8 pm
Who Should Attend?

  • Those who want to learn more about the stocks and shares market.(Complete beginners welcome!)
  • Those who want hands-on guidance on how to craft their own investment strategy.
  • Those who want to learn the skills needed to manage risks and enhance trading on the stock market.
  • Investors looking to protect or diversify their portfolios.
  • Mortgage Advisors, Financial Advisors, Banking Personell that have CPD (Continuous Professional Development requirements)
  • Those

who want to become a full time/part timetrader.

Course Outline
1. Investment theory with 21st century trading
2. What a share is and how the share market works
3. Trading domestic & international stock markets.
4. How to identify & trade in different market conditions
5. How to picks Shares based on Fundamental Analysis
6. How to pick under Valued Stocks and Over Valued Stocks.
7. Penny Stocks Investing and trading
8. Ethics of margin trading such as Spread Betting or CFD trading
9. How to actually buy and sell shares and CFDs, using trading orders such as TTO, Market, and Limit, and adapting them to the market conditions
10. How to read & analyse charts, using bars, candle sticks, patterns and formations
11. Bollinger Bands
12. Identifying intra-day and multi-day trading formations and patterns
13. Developing a trading idea for buying and selling shares at different trading time frames
14. Using moving averages, and a few other technical indicators along with unique strategies that will help you make money even in the toughest times
15. Derivatives (Options) and sharing Excellent Strategies, such as covered calls and credit spreads
16. Unit Trust, OEIC (Open ended investment Companies) Investment Trust.
17. Fixed Income investments Such as Government Bonds.( Trading and Investing)
18. Introduction to Trading Currencies (FOREX), Commodities (Gold, Silver and crude oil) with the most reliable Technical Analysis Indicators.