The Couple Rescuing the House they Bought by Accident

Source: BBC News


Cal Hunter went to an auction to buy a flat in Glasgow but instead accidentally ended up with one-quarter of a derelict, eyesore property 35 miles away in Dunoon.

Cal was set the task of buying a flat in the city at a house auction. But matters did not go as planned. Cal said: “I was struggling with the auctioneer’s Glaswegian accent.” He tried working out what was going on from the auction brochure but said some lots had been added that were not in the magazine.

A property came up Cal liked the look of. He put his hand up to bid – no one else did. Outside the auction, Cal frantically called, girlfriend, Claire to ask if she wanted to go ahead with the sale. The battery on Cal’s phone was dying, so a decision had to be made quickly and they agreed to proceed with the £10,000 purchase.

“I accidently bought the wrong house,” said Cal.

“It was completely derelict, and it had been for 20-30 years,” added Cal, who believes the picture used at the auction was taken from a flattering angle several years ago.

The roof was falling in, one of the walls was on the verge of collapse and all the timbers were rotten. The property was in such a bad way Claire said her dad was silent for two days after seeing the extent of its dereliction while on a visit from Canada. But Claire and Cal were determined to make a home for themselves in the historic villa called Jameswood.



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