Tears as Glasgow Paramedics Meet Tiny Baby They Saved

Source: BBC News



A Glasgow mum has introduced her son to the three paramedics who saved his life after a dramatic premature arrival.

Gemma Maxwell could not hold back the tears when she came face to face with the medics who saved her baby. Finlay arrived unexpectedly and very quickly at 26 weeks and the ambulance crew saved his life by administering CPR on the tiny baby. The three paramedics said it had been one of the best outcomes of their careers.

Finlay was born at 07:52. He weighed one pound 13 oz, around 835g – about the weight of a bag of sugar or a small pack of nappies. About 30 seconds later the paramedics arrived. Without a moment to spare, Harry sprung into action.

“We cut the cord, saw mum was okay then grabbed the baby and ran to the ambulance to set up the monitoring equipment and start CPR on the baby.”

Now 15 months old and thriving, Finlay is a healthy, happy baby. And at 10 kilos, almost ten times his birth weight, he is a different boy to the newborn delivered by his gran with help on the phone from ambulance control. It was Gemma’s idea to meet the three paramedics who worked together to help Finlay.

“All I have thought for the last 15 months is what do you say to the people who have saved your baby’s life? It was emotional.”



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