"We aim to create opportunities for you to achieve personal, educational, and employment goals." We provides a wide range of work-based publicly funded learning. Abis Resources was rated as GOOD by Ofsted and we are constantly striving for continuous growth in serving our customers with an emphasis on high quality training and education. We offer Support Impartial IAG A wide range of courses Quality teaching Excellent customer service Abis Resources We understand that a career change can be scary. That is why we believe in upskilling. Training for the role you want to achieve takes that fear away. Abis resources will provide that training and support you on your journey. Abis Resources is here for your training needs. Take your work-life to the next level using our courses and apprenticeship services.
Looking to change careers? Together we'll go far
Learning options Beauty Funding is available for eligible individuals from the borough of Greenwich in London, England. Education Health Online Learning Distance Learning Social Care Apprenticeships

Who Are Abis Resources?

Abis Resources is a London based training institution established in the UK in 2007 that promotes lifelong learning and encourages individuals to go into employment with the right skills. There are a wide variety of training programmes provided within the private and public sector. We are committed to developing the community through training and employment opportunities. We aim to offer exceptional quality education to our learners. Our goal is to provide a learning experience that encourages learners of all abilities to pursue career and personal development.

We work with learners from various ethnic backgrounds to encourage equality and diversity within the work sector. It is a pleasure witnessing our learner, from all backgrounds, achieving their training goals and taking their knowledge and talents into the workplace – to the benefit of themselves and their employers. We reached a favourable outcome of more than 5000 learners and challenged ourselves to further the success rate over the coming years. We are working to deliver a high standard of academic conduct and professional relationships with our learners through our team of qualified and experienced staff.

Course Categories

Our distance learning courses strive to help learners achieve their goals in a setting convenient for them. With our courses, there won’t be a need to compromise.


Online courses allow leaners to be completely in control of their education journey. There are many opportunities to flourish with our varied courses.


Whether you are a stay at home parent, a carer, or a qualified educator – these courses cater to anyone eager to learn about education and childcare.


Abis Resrouces provides many short courses to encourage learners in their caring role – some only last an hour or two. Explore our flexible courses to fine what best suits your needs.


Apprenticeships are a proven way to train your workforce in a cost effective way. It can make your organisation more productive, competitive, and designed to meet more challenges.


These courses are designed to develop learners’ knowledge and skills and confirm their competence as beauty therapists. With Abis Resources there are opportunities to progress further.


Why Choose Us?

1. Hands-on Training with Tutors

When it comes to quality instruction in a classroom setting – Abis Resources is the leader. Whether you’re a student looking to advance your career, someone wanting to start a new work journey, or a team leader looking to make sense of new technology, you’re guaranteed to find a course tailored to your needs.

2. The Best Solution for Training Your Employees

Employee training is essential for an organization’s success. Despite the importance of development, trainers can encounter resistance from both employees and managers. That is why we offer flexible courses to allow employees to continue working while gaining a qualification, offering support and guidance for success.

3. Online Courses

We offer distance learning and online courses. Our online courses provide an opportunity to study at home wherever you are in the world. There is no limit to the wide range of qualifications available to enhance your skills. These short, intensive adult-learning courses are open to anyone interested in the topics and give you access to world-class learning led by Abis Resources experts.

4. Fast Track Courses

For those wanting to get the most out of their time, fast track courses provide a full learning opportunity in a condensed time frame. It is the quickest and most direct route to a learners work goal.

5. Job Placement

Some roles require on the job experience and that is what job placements provide. These ensure a learner is best prepared for their next steps.