Students: ‘Uni definitely not good value this year’

Source: BBC News

Only about a quarter of students in the UK thought they got good value for money from university in the pandemic. An annual survey found students felt their fees and living costs were not justified by the disrupted teaching they received this academic year. Students were particularly aggrieved by a lack of in-person teaching, found the survey of 10,000 students from the Higher Education Policy Institute.

Universities UK said the results were “disappointing, albeit not surprising”. One comment was: “Fees have not changed even considering the changes made with Covid.” Others included: “Everything seems too high a price for what we are receiving” and: “Because of Covid I haven’t met any of my classmates or tutor.”

Students felt they had missed out on learning alongside other students and talking to staff face-to-face – and more than 40% wished they had either deferred a year or taken another course or gone to another university.

The worries about poor value included:

  • Tuition fees and living costs
  • Lack of in-person classes
  • Teaching quality
  • Course facilities

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